Fried Calamari  $14
Spicy basil marinara
Clams & Mussels  $14
Garlic-capers-olives-parsley-fresh tomato-
white wine
Meatballs $11
Pork & beef-parmesan-parsley-
basil marinara-crostini
Mozzarella Caprese
Fresh mozzarella cheese-fresh tpmato-olive puree-basil-olive oil
Beef Carpaccio  $10
Onion-capers-arugula-parmesan cheese-olive oil
Mac & Cheese   $12
With roasted bread crumb
Chicken Wings $11
Ranch Dressing
Bruschetta  $7
Crostini-diced tomato-garlic-basil-white balsamic-parmesan cheese
Mixed Olives  $7
Marinated olives-rosemary-red chili-orange-paprika
Hummus  $7
Pureed garbanzo beans-garlic-olive oil-lemon-tahini-pita bread
Tzatziki  $7
Fresh dill-mint-yogurt-light garlic-pita bread
Dolma  $6
Tender vine leaves rolled with rice-onion-fresh herbs-lemon olive oil
Crispy Falafel  $8
Deep fried-tahini sauce
Mezze Platter  $18
Dolma-hummus-falafel-tzatziki-mozzarella caprese-olives-bruschetta-spanakopita-pita bread
Margherita Pizza  $13
Tomato sauce-mozzarella cheese-
cherry tomato-basil
Pepperoni Pizza  $15
Tomato sauce, mozzarella & parmesan cheese
Mushroom Pizza  $14
Tomato sauce-seasonal mushrooms-mozzarella cheese-arugula-white truffle oil
Short Rib Pizza  $15
Tomato sauce- caramelized onion-
mozzarella & parmesan cheese
Spaghetti Meatballs  $16
Beef & pork-garlic-basil marinara sauce
Seafood Linguine  $20
Clams-mussels-prawns-salmon-calamari-garlic white wine-marinara sauce
Penne & Chicken  $16
Chicken-seasonal mushroom-spinach-
sun dried tomato-cream sauce
Spinach Ravioli  $15
Ricotta cheese-fresh tomato-feta cheese-garlic-basil-marinara sauce
Burgers & Wraps
(All Burgers & Wraps served with choice of mixed green or
french fries)
Cheese Burger  $14
Homemade bread roll-lettuce-tomato-onion-cheddar cheese-fresh herbs house aioli
Lamb& Beef Burger $15
Homemade bread roll-lamb & beef-chili flakes-caramelized onion-arugula-feta cheese house aioli
Soma Burger(8oz)  $15
Homemade bread roll-beef patty-pepperoni-caramelized onion lettuce-tomato-cheddar cheese-house aioli
Adana Kebab Wrap  $14
Ground lamb & beef-lettuce-tomato-tzatziki sauce
Chicken Kebab Wrap  $13
Grilled tender chicken-lettuce-tomato-tzatziki sauce
Falafel Wrap  $13
Lettuce-tomato-hummus-tzatziki sauce
Salads & Soups
Soup of the Day  $6
Please ask server
Beets & Arugula Salad  $9
Beets-arugula-walnut-orange-feta cheese-white wine vinaigrette
Spring Mix Salad $8
Spring mix-olives-tomato-onion-dried figs-parmesan cheese-balsamic vinaigrette
Caesar Salad  $8
Romaine heart lettuce-croutons-parmasen cheese-
caesar dressing
New York Steak( 12oz)   $27
Green peppercorn red wine demiglazesauce-house salad-french fries
Braise Bonless Short Rib  $24
Fresh herbs red wine sauce-spinach-house potato
Adana Kebab  $18
Ground lamb & beef lightly spiced-parsley-onion-jasmine rice-vegetables
Chicken Picatta  $17
Capers-lemon-garlic-white wine sauce-jasmine rice-vegetables
Chicken Shish Kebab   $17
Marinated chicken skewer-jasmine rice-vegetables
Atlantic Salmon   $21
Grilled Salmon-sorrel-oven dried tomato-olive oil-jasmine rice-house salad